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On 24 Jun 2006, at 00:15, Andrew Sawyers wrote:
A group of people in the (Plone) community have volunteered
their time and resources to put together an improved,
**interim** zope.org site.  We understand that work is
underway on a longer-term zope.org solution -- the current
initiative is not intended to replace this longer-term work;
rather, the goal is to improve upon the existing zope.org
site until something better is put together.

"Famous last words" I'd say ;) Seeing the length time that has passed from the first idle discussions about a new zope.org till Geoff's *concrete* proposal (thank you Geoff!), I would think if Geoff and everyone else who volunteers as part of this proposal go through with it, it'll be there to stay for a while ;)

Which brings up my main point: The hardest part about sites like these is not the technology or decisions about what content to show and what to allow. The hardest part is to get volunteers of the "consistent" kind as opposed to the "here now, gone tomorrow" kind. I believe the most successful sites are those that require least active maintenance, not just from the technical side but from the content side as well.

Out of the current ideas I like the "micro site" plan best. It's much easier to update software on one of those, and problems with one micro site won't affect anything else. IMHO www.zope.org should be a pure "brochure site" with no membership at all and a dedicated small group of people who maintain it. It should contain stuff like...

- - "official" Zope documentation (yes, some of that isn't even there yet)

- - Zope downloads and maybe downloads for other items from svn.zope.org (CMF etc)

- - Businessy stuff like examples of sites using Zope, maybe even case studies

- - Links to other resources, with those other microsites right at the top.


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