On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 08:38 +0200, Lennart Regebro wrote:
> OK; I see what you mean now. You ant to create the www.zope.org that
> works as the main entrance and integratoor of the microsites. The
> proble is that you wnat to do that BEFORE the microsites exist, which
> is backwards.
I'd beg to differ.  A community such as what PHP has built didn't work
this way.  They managed this very successfully.  We have not.  I think
the problem is you want to wait until the complete city is built before
you think you can open select stores for business.  So, I guess we'll
have to agree to disagree on approach.
> Also, you seem to think that the microsites can be run by whoever
> under whatever domainname. That doesn't work. We can't have our main
> product site disappear because the guy who managed it got tired or
> forget to pay his internet provider bill. And it looks bad if the
> community is a hodgepodge of domains and URLs.
Yes, I seem to think this.  You seem to think it needs to continue to be
centrally managed., which has been a proven failure IMNSHO.

If you're concerned about domains are easily managed.  It's called a
CNAME.  You seem to presume the worst case.  I'm more of a capitalist in
regards to what I'd expect to happen here.  Empower the community and
acknowledge them, and they will do what is necessary.  

We've seen the success of a group trying to centrally manage the entire
breadth of zope.org.  As far as I know, the community has been empowered
to do things to improve the state and condition of the zope.org arena
for quite a long time.  Nothing has happened substantially.  What has
happened though, is community areas have popped up to fill the failing
area on zope.org because it was easier for them and they cared to do
something.  Promoting this IS the right way, IMNSHO.  Rewarding this, is
the right way INMNSHO.  Wishing it is going to happen out of ether is
questionable, just because the foundation is now formed.  I'd love to be
wrong, but unless people had so much contempt for Zope Corp directly
that they refused to do anything on these fronts for that reason alone,
I don't see how this situation magically changes.  Prove me wrong.
> I say that you repost this proposal when we have some community sites
> to integrate. :-)
I appreciate you saying that - but again, I beg to differ.  What you
propose is to continue to have the current status quo.  I and others are
proposing to force the move.  Guess I could wait to move into my new
house because the carpets and hardwood floors aren't laid yet - or I
could move in and make due.  I prefer the later.

  I think we have the community sites.  We have docs on plope.com (but
I'd prefer those to actually live on zope.org).  We have zopelabs.com,
we have zwikis.org IIRC, there is a great site D2M has been doing work
on, and there are several others which have great content.  None of
which push their content back to zope.org - but can, and can be used to
fulfill our immediate needs.  The only community site which is yet to
step up is a product site.  No one is saying bag products on zope.org
the day after.  Do something - there's plenty who have and are waiting
to do more.  Don't squash that.


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