2006/6/26, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

--On 26. Juni 2006 10:53:39 +0200 thomas desvenain

> aq_base(aq_inner(obj)).__dict__ ?
> hmm it doesn't works, i get metadata only,

'metadata'? This is an unkown term in the context of Zope/Python objects
except for catalog brain objects...what you you mean?

sorry, it's because i work with at/plone objects :

toto.__dict__ displays only some identifiers, metadata and 'content'
of toto object

{'_EtagSupport__etag': 'ts51320374.17',
'_at_uid': 'ffa61909947ef9021cab5bcbccfb5f54',
'_md': {'excludeFromNav': None, 'description': '', 'contributors':
(), 'rights': '', 'language': '', 'effectiveDate': None,
'expirationDate': None, 'allowDiscussion': None, 'creators':
(u'admin',), 'subject': ()},
'_objects': ({'id': 'connection',
              'meta_type': 'Z Psycopg Database Connection'},),
'at_references': <Folder at at_references>,
'connection': <Connection at connection>,
'creation_date': DateTime('2006/06/26 13:10:40.161 GMT+2'),
'demarshall_hook': None,
'id': 'toto',
'marshall_hook': None,
'modification_date': DateTime('2006/06/26 13:12:54.164 GMT+2'),
'title': ''}

and so does aq_base(aq_inner(toto)).__dict__

> and with
> dir(aq_base(aq_inner(test.toto)))
> i get acquired methods too...

Of course yes...that's standard Python behavior.


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