Chris Withers wrote:
David H wrote:
This is sounding more bizzare with each day and it doesnt feel good. Zope cant maintain a friggin web site? Isnt that rich.

Hey David,

Cool, thanks so much for volunteering to provide all the resources, coders and support staff to look after a 10,000 user site with all the problems that entails.

Oh? What's that? You weren't volunteering?

Personally I have not visited for a few years for anything other than releases. And I am a long time pro developer.

It seems pretty obvious these days that having a one-shop site is too ambitious. Perhaps even wrong guided.

I wouldn't even know what should be on it. Zope 2 development mostly means Plone these days. Plone has a great site already, so no reason to do to much about that.

Pure Zope 3 is in even less use than pure Zope 2.

The exciting stuff is going on in Five and 2-3 integration. But why the heck make a site about that?

You could say that zope has been beaten by its own success.

The only sensible approach I can see is to make a new with releases, installation guides etc. It should also showcases the great cms/applications that are build on top of it. With links to those sites.

On those individual sites there are lots of documentation, product releases programming tricks etc.

Eg. I develop in Plone, and practically all I knew about programming in pure Zope 2 is useless now that I am using UML/AT/AGX in Plone. It's like assembly language to a python programmer. I assume that it is the same for other frameworks.

Having a 'Products' section on probably doesn't even make sense anymore. It is simply to low level.

Drop all the old documentation and move it to Just in cases there is a nugget somewhere.


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