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Hi all!

Is possible to create an object (for example a Page Template) and
make it
catalog aware?
Look at the CatalogAware mixin class.
But with this class I could create a new class of PT Catalog aware,
I would like to convert a normal PT is this possible?
It makes little sense to index the contents of PTs. PTs are used to
present a view on a particular instance of your class but not for
providing content

I wonder why the objects aren't catalogable by default (I need
all my
object catalogables)

Because Zope is not CMF and Zope is not Plone. Because you need this
feature it does not mean that everyone needs this feature by default.

Sure but Is the cost so big?
This is not the question. If you need catalog awareness, either
implement it as stated above or use one of the frameworks....little
need to discuss the pros and cons...by default Zope default
content-types  don't depend on the catalog. CMF and Plone depend on
the catalog for various reasons. If you have the requirement to use
a catalog you have the mentioned options.


Yes but what about something like

if self.default_catalog != '': self.reindex_object()


I think it's a question of preferences

Then can I "inject" Catalog awarness to an object?
Yes you can. Its possible with so called monkeypatching.
However if you can do that, you better just write
a product w/ subclasses of the standard zope objects and
your CatalogAwareness. Its easy and clean and you dont
interfere with further development of zope.

Sure, but I can't create a new product for every product I'll use only
to do it catalog aware, isn't it?

Yes you can. Why not? I mean you are using them - so you can use
your products instead as well.
Yes but what if tomorrow you create a product? need work to times: you first, me later In my opinion (is only an opinion) these is not the best situation in a future

Sorry but is not so acceptable for me

Can you say more about monkeypatching?

If you cant figure out (google, imagination)
you better dont do it :-)

The code to monkey-patch is roughly the same
as subclassing. So you better just subclass
and use your products.

Hint: you can use loops in python too .-)

Kind regards
A! sure, I'll searched at google!

Mis Cosas

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