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Ok, a real case:

I'm working on a data system (I like the concept data system) for a friend
He is Dj for that I want to create a concept like

    Form -> A formulator
    See -> Used to view the session on its default view
    Ask -> Used to view the session to change it data (to modify the object)
    Edit -> Used to change the properties (via Ask view)

Ask will be something like

<tal:b tal:repeat='field Form/get_fields'>
  <label tal:attributes='for field/getId' />
  <tal:b tal:replace='structure field/render' />

As you can see a lot of entities will use the same Ask


I will create a container to store all these kind of functionality to
use is as a generic Ask
In a normal way I can use adquisition to make these way but I want to
store things with some kind of order then I define something like

MyFriendsWeb (this is an entity)
    Forms (is not an entity but I use the same product to create it)
       Session -> Formulator
       Production -> Formulator
    Functionality (is not an entity but I use the same product to create it)
    Session (this is an entity)
       Form -> points to MyFriendsWeb/Forms/Session
       See -> Will use the generic one
       Ask -> this one too (the generic one)
    Production (this is an entity)
       Form -> points to MyFriendsWeb/Forms/Production
       See -> Will use the generic one
       Ask -> this one too (the generic one)

MyFriendsWeb is an entity for that reason catalog everything that not in
another entity like Session

Session is another entity for that catalog See (the pointer one not the
real See), Ask (like See is a pointer) and so on

What I want is semantic structure not only usefull structure that makes
that every entity will know everything it can do or be

I think I see.

With my model I use my product for every container, formulators/page
templates/script pythons like functionality an so on

Sure, just like portal_skins does.

My model works but I would like if its possible to use something like

<tal:b tal:replace='structure Session/Form/header' />


<tal:b tal:replace='MyFriendsWeb/Sessions' />

instead of

<tal:b tal:define='Form <some code to retrieve the form. First if here
has Form, then in the acquisition context and finally searching on the
catalog of the entity>'>
    <tal:replace='structure Form/header' />

It works, its only a question of use it as simple as I can

Well, this seems complex. Can't you just have
context/Session/Form/header instead of just Session/Form/header?

For that my product is a ZCatalog with a property Entity (boolean)
If you mark Entity as true for an object every objects below these one
are catalogued by my product

Uhhh. That doesn't help.

What do you think?

Sound fine. I notice that in all of your description above there is a
complete lack of indexed page templates. ;)

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