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Now I am facing an annoying problem.

I have an application in Zope which calls a External Method, which
calls a bash script via:

var_pid = os.spawnlp(os.P_NOWAIT, 'script.sh', 'script.sh', arg1,arg2)

The idea is to start some programs in background (which will take
hours running) and I need to pass arguments and track its PID for
eventually checking its status. So os.spawnlp seemed the perfect

However, when my bash script finished, my processes gets <defunct>
childed to the Zope process. And only restarting Zope to get rid of
such defunct process, an unthinkable solution.

It sounds like you are generating zombie processes (child processes which have completed, but are not handled by the processes that spawned them). Try googling: python reap spawned process


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