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beno wrote:
> Help! Second day server's been down!! I tried to upgrade from apache
> 1.3.3 to 2.2.3 and now nothing works. Can't remember or find anything I
> changed on the old apache but that won't come up either. The problem is
> in proxying. I use VHM. I had to comment out the following lines in
> order to get Apache2 to come up:
> # Reverse proxy params
> CacheRoot "/tmp/proxy/shop.2012.vi"
> # CacheSize 100000
> # CacheGcInterval 2
> # CacheLastModifiedFactor 0.1
> # CacheDefaultExpire 1
> # CacheDirLength 2
> Of course, then nothing in Zope works, because it's all based on VHM!
> I've been googling my brains out with no luck! Did the cache rules get
> rewritten in Apache2? Is there new syntax I should use? Here's my
> configure command:
> ./configure --enable-so  --enable-expires --enable-vqadmin
> --enable-speling --enable-rewrite --enable-cache --enable-deflate
> --enable-disk-cache --enable-mime-magic --enable-mods-shared="proxy
> proxy_http proxy_ftp proxy_connect headers"
> Please help. This is my FOURTH POST, second to Zope, and NOBODY has
> responded to the first three!!!!!

Perhaps your question is not phrased in such a way that anybody on this
list can see how to help?  Problems building or running Apache are *not*
on-topic here;  The possibly on-topic stuff for this list would relate
purely to the question, "How do I configure Apache2 to do virtual
hosting against Zope?"

If you google for "apache2 zope virtual hosting", you will find a bunch
of useful information, mostly having to do with configuring
'mod_rewrite' for the various named virtual hosts.

WRT the caching directives:  I have never used Apache as a caching proxy
(I use Squid for that), and I doubt many others here have either.

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