Dear Zenith of Zope Knowledge,

Thanks for all the help from before it is truly appreciated.

I know that it's possible to provide arguments when selecing in a ZSQL Method, but is it possible to provide arguments to UPDATE and INSERT.

I'll use an example that I found from a previous entry in the Zope mailing list.

The ZSQL method looks like this:

Arguments: emp_id

UPDATE person
SET person_first_name = first,
person_last_name = last,
person_salary = salary
WHERE person_emp_id = emp_id

and the call in the Script(Python) would be:

(context.aq_parent).updates.update_person(empid=someval1, first=someval2,
last=someval3, salary=someval4)

I'm having trouble correlating the Python variables with the ones in the ZSQL method.  I know how to pass variables from forms in DTML documents via <dtml-sqlvar emp_id type=string>.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

Take care,
Muk Yan
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