The real effort towards making a "better refresh" should likely be spent at the level of the Python interpreter. The dynamic nature of Python is the thing that allows for a "refresh" in the first place, but the implementation of Python object references limits its usefulness.

The implementation of "reload" could be vastly improved by changing Python internally to allow for a sort of mark-and-sweep reload that could traverse an object graph full of references between an object and the modules that it is declared in. Anything else will likely be too fragile to work in all cases.

On Aug 7, 2006, at 4:36 PM, John Schinnerer wrote:


Refresh always works, at least the explicit refresh (do not know
about the automatic one which I have never used).

I'm on 2.7 and yes, the explicit and *very* useful refresh tab in the ZMI seems to work fine in production mode also.

I do not remember fondly the old days (2.4, 2.5) of having to restart zope for every little product change/tweak/debug effort during development, or when doing a minor product upgrade to production server.

I was going to upgrade to 2.9 very soon but now may go only to 2.8.
I don't have the technical chops to work on a refresh solution in 2.9+, however I heartily support such efforts from those of you who also see it as an important issue.

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