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Since I never knew the refresh tab was a fragile hack, it always worked fine for me... :-)

Bliss! I'm happy for you! FWIW, you've just had it nail you now, whereas I'd had it nail me four years ago, and swore it off then. ;-)

Are you saying that a "really good" solution for this is in the hands of python developers, not zope developers?


In that case it seems far off, if ever, since zope is only one of many many applications using python.

There are many non-Zope applications that could benefit from better reload support in Python including any application that could benefit from running continuously without restart. Improving Python this way is a "rising tide floats all boats" sort of thing, maybe worthy of some sort of sprint at PyCon or something like it.

I would settle for another fragile hack that works, I guess.
The volume of posts so far would seem to indicate that it's not a trivial topic...

Honestly I have no idea how trivial or nontrivial fixing the current Refresh implementation is, and frankly (shame on me, yes, I'm selfish, I'm sorry) I don't care. It doesn't hurt me because I don't develop using all of Plone often, so my startup times are reasonably acceptable. Even if I did develop using all of Plone often, I'd likely try to find the root causes of the slow startup and fix them or fix Python rather than fixing the Zope Rrefresh implementation. I realize that by having that position, I'm likely in the minority as a consumer, but unfortunately for those consumers, my position is likely shared by the majority of producers (core developers). ;-)

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