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Hi :-)

The system I am working on is using a ZCatalog with some indexes (over 10) for faster searching.

Unfortunatelly there are some use cases, where I have to add really many new objects to ZODB. It works, but very slowly. I suspect that this is because when I add an object to Folder (with _setObject) it gets indexed - couple thousands of objects multiplied by over 10 indexes = looooong.

Am I guessing right or am I completely lost? ;-)

If this is the probable reason - is there some way I could disable indexing temporarily and after adding all of the objects make it re-index the new ones? I think that even a full re-index would work faster than it works now...

I would be very grateful for any suggestions.

Another approach is to build/update a new ZCatalog in another .fs file (you can do this offline, on another box, etc), and then just swap in the new .fs file. You can also create a mount point for a folder that contains nothing but the ZCatalog and then just swap in that (instead of swapping the entire Data.fs file).



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