The log rotation process is simple.  Rename the logs to whatever 
name you want to use for archival purposes.  Then (assuming you are 
using the usual setup and zopectl:

# zopectl> logreopen

which will close and reopen the logs.  

The behavior you observed is exactly the Unix behavior that would be 
expected, since the log files were open.  When you overwrote the log 
file, you created a new file (Z2.log) but the old file (once called 
Z2.log) remained open.  Normally it would have been deleted, but since 
Zope had it open, it remains open and won't be deleted until it is 
closed.  I hope you made a copy of the old Z2.log if it is important;
absent some significant recovery hacking, it's most likely going to 
disappear when you execute logreopen from zopectl or restart zope.

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hi;
> I just took over managing my own server. The Z2.log files were enormous, 
> so as a quick fix (before creating a rotation cron job) I created a new 
> file and moved it to Z2.log Everything was the same except the owner was 
> root, so I chowned it over and made it the same as before I cleared off 
> the old one. But when I go to hit sites the hits aren't logged. (Note: 
> It's not an error I'm looking for at first in the log, just a regular 
> hit.) Here's a partial printout of "ls -al":
> -rw-r--r--  1 tick  wheel    0 Aug 15 14:15 Z2.log
> -rw-r--r--  1 tick  wheel    0 Aug 15 13:36 event.log
> Same as before I touched it. Did I do something wrong? Or am I just 
> being impatient?
> TIA,
> beno
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