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Dieter Maurer wrote:
James Davies wrote at 2006-8-7 21:47 +1000:
I've been attempting to develop products with Zope 2.9, and am finding
it increasingly difficult and slow to do so as Product refreshing no longer

What happens when you try to refresh a product?

Nothing. No errors, no refresh.

Does it happen only when the product uses "Five"?
I've only tried refreshing a non-Five product in Zope 2.9 and it doesn't work.
Or can even products not using "Five" not be refreshed?

A side note...
I've followed this thread in the mailinglist and it seems that people get sidetracked into maintaining the session state and/or restarting zope via zeo clients. What REALLY concerns me is development. Not production. If I had to restart Zope every time I make a change I want to test I'd loose several hours worth of valuable work time every week. Plus every time you have to wait for Zope to restart there's a silent moment of waiting which can be distracting so that you loose the flow. Very unproductive.

I am developing under zope 2.9.2 and have adopted a slightly different approach which minimizes the impact of the 'broken refresh': I only use Products for class definitions, all other code goes into external methods (which are automatically 'refreshed' if you have debug turned on). There are no delays in development using this approach (the code/test cycle is immediate), but whether or not you can use this methodology depends on your overall design approach.


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