Dennis Allison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Ummm... the HeadRequire directive is matched with a regex. See the code
to establish which of the several possible C libraries is used as there
are minor variations in syntax.

Why is the backend address on the open net? I would have expected that
you would have used for a single machine or one a non-routable
address for a cluster.

I was confused and found something that worked. I just updated to as per your suggestion and restarted Pound, all is well.

What does your zope.conf look like.

Here it is without comments:

%define INSTANCE /usr/local/zope/instance1
%define ZOPE /usr/local/zope/278
instancehome $INSTANCE
    effective-user tick
  level INFO
    path $INSTANCE/log/event.log
    level info

<logger access>
  level WARN
    path $INSTANCE/log/Z2.log
    format %(message)s
  # valid keys are "address" and "force-connection-close"
  address 8080
  # force-connection-close on

  # valid key is "address"
  address 8021
<zodb_db main>
    # Main FileStorage database
      path $INSTANCE/var/Data.fs
    mount-point /

<zodb_db temporary>
    # Temporary storage database (for sessions)
      name temporary storage for sessioning
    mount-point /temp_folder
    container-class Products.TemporaryFolder.TemporaryContainer

I noticed as I copied this that the "effective-user" of "tick" was recently deleted from the ACL_Users folder, so I just re-added it. I'll contact the client and see if that helped.

What IPs is Zope listening to? What ports?

Well, I don't see that in the zope.conf file, but Zope published pages for me just fine when Pound was pointing to and now to

Likewise, what IPs and ports is pound listening to?

Pound listens to

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Do you Yahoo!?
Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail Beta.
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