>> What happens when you try to refresh a product?
>Nothing. No errors, no refresh.

Then you should look in the SVN repository how the "refresh" code

   In Zope 2.8, refresh moves all modules starting with
   "Products.<product_to_be_refreshed>" out of "sys.modules"
   (and into a safe place) and then reimports the product.

   If there is an exception, the saved modules are restored.
   Otherwise, the ZODB is told to discard the connection cache
   when the connection is opened for the next time.

With this code, "no errors, no refresh" is impossible
(you get either an error or a refesh).
No really. My last comment was a big ambiguous.
The Refresh tab of the Control_Panel is does say "Product refreshed.
(2006-08-18 18:33)"
But it actually fails. It gets more complicated...

Of course, someone may have turned the refresh into a "noop".
Then, you can try to reinstate the former code and see what

I've now done a lot of searching and diffs on the difference between
some zope286 and some zope294 code.
The modules I've looked at are:
ZODB.Connection.resetCaches() - no difference
ZODB.Connection - BIG difference (but is it applicable?)
OFS.Application - instead of zLOG->logger, tiny difference in raise
App.RefreshFuncs - instead of zLOG->logger

I've also compared the difference between python2.3 and python2.4's
__import__ builtin function and I can't see any difference.

On that note, I started my zope286 with python2.4 but refreshing was
still possible so zope2.9 requiring python2.4 does not seem to be the

I'm quite stuck right now. I haven't yet really dug into how
sys.modules work. The Zope code doesn't seem to have changed inside
the function import_product() of OFS.Application.

One last odd clue, when I refresh my product (eg. MyProduct) in zope
2.9.4, actual something happens. My product is very very simple and
it's one main class has a method called index_html() that looks like

from DateTime import DateTime
   def index_html(self, REQUEST, RESPONSE):
        """ doc str """
        return str(DateTime())

It works fine. After I manually refresh the product through the
Control_Panel, I get an error in index_html() because now 'DateTime'
has become None and thus can't be called with DateTime().
Does that help you help me?

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