beno wrote:
Sometimes it's the only way to get past the arrogant belligerent list subscribers who choose to make miserable the lives of those of us who ask questions they consider stupid :) And it worked, didn't it?

Er, yeah, right, like you're going to understand any of the help you've been given...

Arrogant? Little arrogant expecting the people on this list to bend over backwards to help you when you've done sweet f a to actually help anyone (including yourself) here...

How about actually listening to the advice you've been given and using Mailman and Apache to solve the two problems you keep whining about?

The question appears simple. Maybe it is. Maybe, however, it only appears to be simple. I've been working in Zope for years, and have done a lot in email, actually.

You've been working with Zope for years? oh dear god...

Thank you for responding. Here is my question once again:

On this page (of a Zope product):
there is the instruction to send an email to this address:
What exactly does that mean? Can someone give me an example? The list is called "rejoice", the Web site in question is called "" and I tried this address: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". It didn't work. So I tried this address: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". On that one, I didn't get a bounce but I didn't show up in the Properties::maillist, either, nor did I receive a welcome message :( Frankly, I find the tokens "yourMailHost" and "yourDomain" terribly unclear.

Wow, like we didn't get it the first time. Hey! A Subject line with CAPS, I better drop all my work and tell my customers to get lost for the day 'cos I need to help you NOW, dammit...



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