beno wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
beno wrote:
As far as Andreas' comment of switching to Mailman, dunno why, but Mailman requires cgi scripts, and I use Pound as reverse proxy directly to Zope,

Why don't you use Apache, like every other sane individual out there?
Actually, there are a *lot* of people who *don't* use Apache!

What? There are more of you? As I said before: "dear god nooooo!"

Here's why: Apache duplicates 95% of what Zope's server does,

You really have absolutely no clue do you?

so if you're only using Zope, then it's un-elegant to use Apache.

...much like your english. The word you're looking for in inelegant:

Not a good, clean solution at all!

Say it again sam, it's still bollocks...

Besides, the rewrite rules you have to throw at Apache are awkward,

(I'm speachless, and that doesn't happen often...)

and that's the reason why! However, Zope can't handle cgi scirpts,

...or even cgi scripts, no matter how much clueless eejets like yourself keep trying to ram than pesky square peg into the funny round shaped hole.

and Mailman uses cgi scripts.


That's one reason I don't want Mailman.


Furthermore, MailBoxer could be more easily integrated into Plone,

Hahaha... you said the P word...

Will *you* answer my question?

In a word: no.


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