Hi Beno,

beno wrote:
> Well, all I know is that Pound has a strong following of Zopistas that
> use it in combination with Zope (and without Apache) for high volume
> production work and seem to be happy.

Odd, then, that you have not had much input on the list about that. I
can't provide numbers, but the people I speak to/work with all use
Apache or Enfold.

>> My domain is "xfr.co.uk", and I have a mail host called "smtp" (because
>> that is what it serves). So, the token "yourMailHost" refers to the mail
>> host name and the "yourDomain" refers to the domain name, so to send me
>> mail, you make an SMTP connection to "smtp.xfr.co.uk".
> Ah! So *that's* what it meant! Thank you!

I'm glad I was able to help.

Since I have, can I ask you to consider the flak you have had on the
list and learn from it, please?

Specifically: -

- The "shouting" (all caps, multiple exclamation marks) is likely to
discourage people from helping you.

- Stephan's comments about different cultures is something you need to
take on board. I appreciate that your frustration combined with a
certain Germanic bluntness was a fatal combination, but these guys were
trying to help you and you roundly abused them.

I've hard a hard time learning to fly Zope - I've been using it for over
five years, but I learn more every day, and initially the learning curve
was very steep and I spent a lot of time as frustrated as you have been.
This list and it's relatives (DB, ZPT) got me through that, and I like
to try to help where I can in return - so I like to see the list
dynamics /work/.




"Human language continually changes, innit."
- Stephen Juan
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