Hi all,
I am experimenting some problems with Photo/Photo Folder (or ExtFile) products in a fresh Zope instance. I have two different sites that share a very similar structure. Their virtual roots are sibling folders in the ZODB. Both have a Photo Folder called "images", that are storing in the filesystem via ExtFile. The problem is that when a photo with a non-yet generated display is being called through the virtual url, the corresponding image is created in the filesystem as if the topmost folder was the virtual root of the site (namely $INSTANCE_HOME/var/photos/). If I call this photo through the "real" (non virtual) url, this topmost folder matches the ZODB root.

For example, if I call these "real" urls:
- http://zopeserver.com:8080/sites/site1/images/image.jpg?display=whatever
- http://zopeserver.com:8080/sites/site2/images/image.jpg?display=whatever

in the filesystem I would have something like:
- $INSTANCE_HOME/var/photos/sites/site1/images/image.jpg/image_whatever.jpg
- $INSTANCE_HOME/var/photos/sites/site1/images/image.jpg/image_whatever.jpg

but if I call the same via the virtual url:
- http://www.virtualsite1.com/images/image.jpg?display=whatever
- http://www.virtualsite2.com/images/image.jpg?display=whatever

I only get:

both paths point to the same file! I think you understand why this worries me.
Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


Relevant software installed:
   Linux Fedora Core 3
   Zope: 2.9.4
   Python: 2.4.3
   ExtFile: 1.5.0-beta1
   Photo: 1.3.1

PS: and BTW, the Zipupload feature in Photo Folder fails miserably for some reason.
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