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Jonathan wrote:

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Jonathan wrote:

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Subject: [Zope] Reportlab issue

Hi Zope List,

I have an Zope application that uses ReportLab to generate acrobat viewable reports. (I already posted this to reportlab list - so far no solutions).

Heres the problem:

I display an acrobat report (using Firefox or IE 6) and say scroll down to page 10. I then use the <browser> back button to re-enter my Zope application.

Now, even if I click various unrelated pages in the application (clearing the request,etc) and then return to the Report (which is always freshly generated) it will try to re-display at page 10 - instead of top of page. This occurs even if the data being reported has changed, and this occurs even if a different report is generated!

Note: that I use

import tempfile and
tmpFile2 = tempfile.mktemp()

to keep pdfPath's unique ...

I've tried combinations of "Content-Disposition" params like changing filename=, etc. Nothing is changing this behavior.

I've tried (a reportlab mailing list suggestion) varying to <forms action= like

<form name="printform" method="post" action="extensions/pyBudgetReports" tal:attributes="action python: 'extensions/pyBudgetReports/?random=' + context.python.pyTime()">

No help either.

I have never used ReportLab, but is there a possibility that when you go back to the adobe document it is being served from a cache? You could try using html meta tags or response.setHeader (better) to make sure the document is not being served from the cache.

Just a shot in the dark!


Hi Jonathan,

Yes, I did try that, e.g. (report lab + external file stuff)
  # -----------------------------------------------------------
  def writeReport(self, RESPONSE):
  # -----------------------------------------------------------
       generates report output
        theFile=open( self.pdfpath,'rb')
        result = theFile.read()
# the next 3 lines were snarked from google "zope no cache" I think its a casey duncan recipe ...
        RESPONSE.setHeader('Pragma', 'no-cache')
        RESPONSE.setHeader('Expires', 'Sat, 1 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT')
        # the normal fair

        RESPONSE.write(result) # result is

And it didn't help.

Another shot in the dark... could it be an adobe acrobat issue? By which i mean that adobe sees that you are looking at the same document (reportNz.pdf) and then tries to reopen the document at the last point you were looking. Try randomizing the file name (add 2 or 3 random digits to the filename and see what happens).

Good luck!


We think alike. If you scan my original msg you'll see that I tested varying the Content-Dispostion ... report= name as well.

Sorry, i missed that in your original post. I'm all out of shots-in-the-dark! Have you tried seeking help on the adobe acrobat developer lists?

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