Thank you, thank you thank you all!
Some actuall helpfull advice, and not snotty riddles!
I'll try not to feed the troll next time.

> I think the keyword argument bit is a red herring.  The issue here is
> that the methods you are calling are not really designed to be scripted
> within the context of a single request:  'manage_copyObjects' sets a
> cookie in the *response* object, while 'manage_pasteObjects' looks for
> that cookie in the *request* object.  This works fine when used as
> designed:  the cookie from the response gets sent back in the next
> request, which can then figure out which object(s) to paste.

That is what I was trying to do. 
That is, manage_copyObjects in one script/ page 
and manage_pasteObjects in another.
I have used both in one script before, with the clipboad object, with no 

> you might 
> pass None as clipboard object and the method will try to get the value
> from the REQUEST. But in this case you must pass in the REQUEST as keyword 
> parameter and not as positional argument.

I've got to read up on the nuances of keyword vs posissional arguments, I 
think. I have not gotten around to testing it yet, but it rings true.

> But back to the original discussion API vs. implementation.
That was not the original discussion, that was your private hobbyhorse.

> If you are a frequent reader of this list, you know that AJ's style is to 
> encourage posters to 1) be complete and precise in the questions they post
> and 2) provide just enough infomration for the poster to discover the 
> answer to his/her post himself.  This is an excellent pedagogical 
> strategy but sometimes is frustrating.

I know, I know. 
Now, I asked a simple question, for wich a complete systems description is 
superfluous, I indicated that I had done a reasonable amount of homework, and 
I think that a simple answer would be appropriate.

Now if he thinks it is his place to educate me with riddles, and about how I 
should post my questions, it is perhaps only fitting for me to do a bit of 
educating in return about how to actually read the question, and show some 
basic human manners. Whith friends like that, zope sure dont need enemies.

>No, it's personal laziness to provide the food bite-size :-)

It is not I'm afraid. 
As a programmer you well know that this kind of lazyness uppfront brings you 
more work afterwards. I can only conclude that your ego gratification is more 
important to you than actually helping. 

Now if I have the stamina, to keep educating you back, or if I will just go 
away somewhere quiet and grep the source instead, that remains to be seen I 
guess :) 


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