yes, you're right. With define it works. Below is the
same code with define. Thank you.
But now I have another problem (actually my main
problem). For instance,if you click more and more on
the link 'Catalog'. The URL grows up like 
How can I say that the Catalog folder is just under
the Site folder?

    <li tal:define="links python:{
        tal:repeat="item links/items">
        <a href="" 
            tal:define="link python:item[0]"
            tal:content="python:item[1]">link name</a>

--- Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> --On 30. August 2006 04:18:53 -0700 Ferhat Ayaz
> wrote:
> >
> > this is _of course_ not working because of
> > ${python:item[0]}. It's illegal.
> Why don't you use a tal:define inside the same tag
> to bind the value of 
> this expression to a variable  and use this variable
> inside tal:attributes 
> instead?
> -aj

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