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If you're running behind a firewall you could set your firewall so that port
8100 is blocked from outside access (ie. only your zeo client and zeo
server, running behind the firewall, can communicate on port 8100 - or
whatever port you have zeo configured to use)

I was planning on doing this anyway, but I was thinking more about how
the ZEO server process might be able to run amok if it was run as
root, but if it was run as a regular user then it would be more
limited in what it could do.

I have never heard of a case where a rogue zeo server process ran 'amok' ;-)

I'm not sure how likely this is, I just want to know what risks I am
accepting by having the convenience of running the ZEO server as a

Thank you for your help with troubleshooting these problems, it is
much appreciated.

Your welcome.


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