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Thanks Andreas,

I am logged in as root user.
Here is the result of 'top':

"top" is *not* the right tool  to check for processes. Use "ps"!!!

I was able to kill one of the Zope processes but not
pid 945. Maybe it wasn't a good idea, but even 'kill
-s HUP 945' had no effect.

You still have the power of kill -TERM and kill -KILL.

ZConfig.ConfigurationError: There was a problem
starting a server of type "HTTPServer". This may mean
that your user does not have permission to bind to the
port which the server is trying to use or the port may
already be in use by another application. (Address
already in use)

Same exact error trying to restart Zope with

As I mentioned, I can't even reboot the machine, the
shutdown command can't kill this process either.

I answered to use netstat for finding out the related process.
Please follow that advice *first* and then ask again.


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