Dieter Maurer wrote:
beno wrote at 2006-9-4 10:24 -0400:
I believe I have traced the mailboxer problem I am having. I have caught the following seemingly innocuous error in the ZMI error log:

Time    2006/09/04 14:16:02.371 Universal
User Name (User Id)     beno (beno)
Request URL
Exception Type  Redirect
Exception Value

Not sure whether I already told *you* (or someone else) that
"Redirect" exceptions are *NORAML* behaviour and no error conditions

Thus, reconfigure your "error_log" to ignore "Redirect" and
forget about any error analysis for them....
I've done as you suggested. That being the case, however, I'm back to square one. Now, all the how-to's I've read on MailBoxer indicate it's easy to set up. Therefore, that suggests the problem I'm experiencing is probably rooted in something different about my system. The most logical difference to me is Pound. But it could be a combination of things, such as Pound, Qmail, Squid and FreeBSD. At any rate, I need to track this down. Frankly, I though (and still suspect) that the fact that the site doesn't resolve because of the Pound/Squid/Zope interface but does combined with the fact that I have to send my email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (mail being the SMTP) was causing the problem. But what I really need is to catch an error, and so far I haven't been able to. I've looked in
with no luck. Where else should I be looking?
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