One and a half days later, I am again unable to stop,
restart or kill Zope. My ISP host is making changes on
their network and I believe the problem is with them.
I am in a FreeBSD jail, sharing the machine with a DNS
server. It's 3am over there, and I wish I could do
something while waiting for them to wake up. Then, we
need to find out what is causing this problem.

Andreas, I figured out that the netstat -p option
required a protocol argument. So, 'netstat -anp TCP'
gives me a very long list of IPs trying to connect. It
does not display the pid of the hanging process, maybe
some other option would do, but the problem seems to
be a python2.3 process stuck in STOP state. I can't
kill it, and I can't even restart the machine with the
shutdown command.

Is there no alternative to physically restarting this
machine? While we are stuck, is there anything I can
do to diagnose the problem?


--- Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Ken Ara wrote at 2006-9-2 23:43 -0700:
> > ...
> >I can't restart or stop Zope -
> >'/usr/local/www/Zope/zope01/bin/zopectl stop' just
> >produces '........' for a long time - should I
> wait? I
> >was unable to kill one of the python2.3 processes,
> and
> >can't even reboot the machine, using 'shutdown -r
> >now', as I have done previously in extremis.
> This indicates a severe problem with your operating
> system
> (or maybe your computer).
> There are situations where a press on the reset
> button is
> necessary. Looks like you are in such a situation...
> -- 
> Dieter

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