beno wrote:
Request URL
Exception Type     Redirect
Exception Value

Now, that error is definitely from the email I sent.

Bull. Although I'd be amused to see how you figured that...
Check the above urls, this is a request by you to Zope's ZMI that got redirected to the manage_main. In fact, it's you looking at the error log itself.


* I don't use Apache,

That's because you're an idiot. I have half a mind just to hack your server to prove a point. Nice of you to tell the entire list the IP and port where it's running...

and I'd rather not have to if I can get away with it. Just one more program to maintain.

Ah, lazy AND stupid. You should become a politician.

* I use Pound on my front end,

Yes, that'd be the "stupid" coming out again.

* As a result, if I want to send requests *directly* to Zope, I need to use the IP address.

...which really should be firewalled off for everything other than localhost.

rejoice: "| 20000"

Have you actually thought to check your qmail logs to see what it thinks is happening?

Apparently, MailBoxer doesn't like that. Apparently, it wants a web address, like, in my case. But that won't get past Pound :( What do? Which file should I hack to get it to accept the IP address?

The fact that MailBoxer wants to do an HTTP post like this to add a message is, quite frankly, scary and should make you run far away from it for starters.

Of course, you could just use mailman, but hey, far be it for you to actually listen to the advice of anyone on the lists you keep pestering.


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