Martijn Pieters wrote:
On 9/5/06, Maciej Wisniowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm using Zope 2.9.4 with Five1.4 (linux box).
I'm trying to use DateDisplayWidget (from
So is this something with my Zope that I don't have request.locale
or is that a bug?

I'd say it's a bug.

No it's not.

The Zope3 request has the locale attribute, but the Zope2 request
implementation doesn't.

Right. Who ever said that the Zope 2 request is compatible with the Zope 3 request?

We can't even just make the Zope 2 request have that attribute because of potential backward incompatibilities. Why? Because you can do request.locale in Zope 2 right now which is an equivalent spelling of request['locale'] (it looks up request variables). If existing applications use the attribute access instead of the item access (which should clearly be the preferred way, but there's lots of Zope 2 legacy), they would break because request.locale would now find something else.

It's not a bug. It's Zope 2's obscenity with __getattr__ APIs instead of __getitem__ APIs that's preventing the harmonizing of the two implementations, that's all. Both the ObjectManager and the request are very good examples of how Zope 2 got this wrong, but Zope 3 got it right.


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