OK, once again, after many hours of costly down time,
we have restarted our Zope machine.

Chris, could state your reasons for recommending
against FreeBSD? I have had no trouble in over five
years that I can directly attribute to FreeBSD, but I
am open-minded. That said, I don't mean to reopen the
'best os' debate.

This time I am pretty convinced that our problem had
to do with changes due to the physical move of some
equipment and reconfiguration at the ISP.

Of immediate concern to me is whether I can do
anything to prevent this happening again. From time to
time, my Zope hangs, usually because of an attack by a
bad robot requesting lots of complex pages and sending
no-cache headers. Then I am able to restart Zope and
all is well. For a while, when these attacks were
frequent, I had a crontab to zopectl restart every

But this event was different and I would like to know
if anyone thinks that something I am doing wrong could
cause the Zope process to become 'unkillable' and
require a reset of the machine. Has anyone else had
this problem?

I would have liked to perform some diagnostic on the
machine in its stuck state, but neither I nor the ISP
knew where to start. I can accept that, as Dieter
said, there are times when the only choice is to
switch off and on the box - which I can't do remotely
- but wonder if I could have done more... 

--- Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Ken Ara wrote:
> > One and a half days later, I am again unable to
> stop,
> > restart or kill Zope. My ISP host is making
> changes on
> > their network and I believe the problem is with
> them.
> > I am in a FreeBSD jail, sharing the machine with a
> > server. It's 3am over there, and I wish I could do
> > something while waiting for them to wake up. Then,
> we
> > need to find out what is causing this problem.
> Move hosters. FreeBSD for all its robustness is not
> something I'd 
> recommend running Zope on...
> > Is there no alternative to physically restarting
> this
> > machine? While we are stuck, is there anything I
> can
> > do to diagnose the problem?
> You may have more luck on a FreeBSD list...
> Chris
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