beno wrote at 2006-9-4 16:41 -0400:
> ...
>Frankly, I though (and still suspect) that the fact that the site 
> doesn't resolve because of the Pound/Squid/Zope interface 
>but does combined with the fact that I have to send 
>my email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (mail being the SMTP) was causing the 

What does "not resolve" mean precisely (you need to be *VERY* precise
when you report problems)?

As you use it, one would repect a DNS (Domain Name Service) problem:

    It is the task of the DNS to resolve "" into its IP address

If you are using virtual hosting (I do not know the Pound details,
only that of Apache), then additional requirements (beside
a working DNS) may be necessary. For Apache named virtual hosts,
e.g., not only the external DNS must map the name to the IP address
but the internal DNS as well.

> ...
>Where else should I be looking?

Maybe, you look in your neighbourhood whether you find
a knowledgable person, pay his travel to visit you and
help you in setting up the system.

There are cases, where a mailing list cannot solve all problems
and direct personal interaction becomes necessary...

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