Peter Bengtsson wrote:
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE isn't a variable. It's an HTTP header
(Accept-Language) that you really shouldn't modify. The request should
be treated as read-only.

To test languages, either write your own IUserPreferredLanguages adapter
that returns the language you want or simply configure your browser to
send a different Accept-Language header. In Firefox, you can simply do
this by entering "about:config" in the URL bar and changing the setting
of the intl.accept_languages variable (e.g. to "se, en").

> Either I've missed something big and crucial or there's a bug in lack
> of errors or alerts.

You simply didn't read Five/doc/i18n.txt
( Googling "five i18n" gives you
that as a first hit. "RTFM" is all I can say here.

Don't RTFM me! I've read that page and unless you have a PhD in
physics and indept experience of Zope 3 is really doesn't make a lot
of sense. Plus, I've got your cookbook at home :)

You must be confusing me. I don't have a PhD in physics and I didn't write a cookbook. That was the other German ;).

So, should I use PTS or not??

No. I think I've answered that question before.

"The default behaviour for choosing languages in Five is the one of
Zope 3: analyze the Accept-Language HTTP header and nothing more."
This is not good enough.

Then implement your own IUserPreferredLanguages adapter. This is documented in my book which you may or may not have, not sure ;)

When I send out email alerts to people in my
app, that's a wget script that kicks if off, not a Mozilla browser.
Besides, what if an Englishman is using a Swedish
internetcafe-computer when on holiday; in that case I want to allow
him to manually configure his user profile on my site.

Sure. That's possible. With a custom IUserPReferredLanguages adapter.

I have no idea what this does or what I'm supposed to do with:

Nothing. The docs say that this is only for users who use PTS for legacy. You're not one of them.

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