Peter Bengtsson wrote:
You simply didn't read Five/doc/i18n.txt
( Googling "five i18n" gives you
that as a first hit. "RTFM" is all I can say here.

Don't RTFM me! I've read that page and unless you have a PhD in
physics and indept experience of Zope 3 is really doesn't make a lot
of sense. Plus, I've got your cookbook at home :)

Urm, no, sorry, don't buy that. The docs are pretty good...

So, should I use PTS or not??

You do whatever you want, just don't come crying to us when you're screaming in pain with PTS ;-)
(of course, it may "just work" for you, in which case you're lucky)

"The default behaviour for choosing languages in Five is the one of
Zope 3: analyze the Accept-Language HTTP header and nothing more."
This is not good enough.

Knocking up a negotiator that does what you want is pretty easy. I already offered to send you code that does what you want...

When I send out email alerts to people in my
app, that's a wget script that kicks if off, not a Mozilla browser.

What has this got to do with anything?
(although, fwiw, url whacking is dumb, don't do that, look at Stepper and tricker it with cron)

I have no idea what this does or what I'm supposed to do with:

Then it's time for you to read more FM. This is all explained, from what I remember.

Please tell me there's a function or something that works like this::

 def index_html(self):
      uid = self._getLoggedinUID()
      wants_lang = self._getUserPreference(uid, default='en')
      return _("I wish it was easier")

def manage_setUserPreference(self, uid, lang):
     if lang in getAvailableLanguages():
         self._setUserPreference(uid, lang)

Where _getUserPreference() and _setUserPreference() is something I'm
 expected to write for my app.

No, it's not quite like this, but it is just as easy.



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