Martijn Pieters wrote:
cpdm cadlab wrote:
  thanks for the quick reply. I am glad to be here on active ZOPE
mailing list.

Let's keep it on the list then; no personal email please.

  I had initially done the way you have suggested, but it doesn't work
in the sense I get a empty list as output, which I know isn't empty.

Then something is wrong with the external method. Use a debugger (pdb,
Wing, Komodo, etc.) or spurious logging (import logger;
logger.getLogger('yourmodule').log) to trace your code.

This made me think that I was making silly mistake. If I run external
method in python shell it shows the mlist, which is non-empty, but if I
ask the same to python script to do what it prints is this : []
  What do you think is wrong. A further code goes like this:
mlist = context.code(uparam)
if len(mlist) == str(0):
    print "Sorry no suitable method found in database"
    return printed
    print mlist
    return printed

Use "if not len(mlist):"; comparing the length to str(0) is always
false. "len" returns an integer, not a string, so 0 == '0' will never be

You can also call the external method directly if you encode the
arguments passed to it in the query string. Just open up a python
propmt, import urllib and call urllib.quote on your argument list to
hand-construct a URL.

Moreover, get decent books on Python and on Web programming in general.

Martijn Pieters

I wonder which books would recommend?  Best I can say is that books just about HTTP are probably the least appreciated and often the most useful.


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