Thanks for sharing your 'feelings', Sascha. I agree that this list works very well.

Don't worry, I won't be moving my blog here anytime soon ;)

I don't think I have a problem distinguishing blogs and mailing lists. In fact, I mostly agree with your definitions, but I'm not the first to use the list as a means to talk to the community about something not technical, and the fact that I received a handful of responses proves that not everybody is opposed to that. After all, the question was about the list itself. I will of course not abuse this mechanism and will take into account what you have said.

Thanks very much.

Carlos de la Guardia

This list is here to help with technical problems. In general I would
say it's very good at it. It doesn't really seem to exist for community
building. If it was here for that, I wouldn't be here and I believe many
others the same.


> That's why I decided to see
> if anyone on this list feels like commenting about this,

Thank $DEITY people don't just express how they feel when someone comes
here with a problem.

Subject: [Zope] Re: Problems starting ZEO with zeoctl
> This fixed it.

See? This is the kind of response this list solitices as an end result.
Blogs are fine (I'm blogging myself), but they do an entirely different
job than a mailing list. If you haven't understood that, you have a
problem with blogging and/or mailing lists. People write on their blogs
when they want to express their oppinion or when they want to drop a
technical article. They write on the mailing list when their blog
software breaks down.

So I "feel" your weighting up of mailing lists and blogs is invalid :-)



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