Hi Chris,

> Don't use PTS!
Only if using zope < 2.8.x, which indeed I'm using, for we have a 3rd party
product that depends on that. Anyway, an update will be done, so, I will
follow this advice.

> If you have a google, you'll see i've just recently done the 
> language-selection-from-cookies dance in Zope 2 but using Zope 3's 
> infinitely better translation machinery ;-)
Yes, I googled a little bit and it looks promising. I even did a small
example, which luckily worked.

> There's even a sx.translations package which will help with providing 
> you with a list of languages to pick from...
> Lemme know if you want me to release it once you've had a read of the 
> relevant threads...
I searched that thread and the references there helped me a lot with my
small example. Google even now how to spell your last name ;-), but I don't.
Anyway, for the interested here is the thread:

* Zope 2.9 and Zope 3 i18n, more questions...

The article by Philipp von Weitershausen, which is mentioned in there, is
really useful. The examples of his website are even better.

I'm not the OP, jet I would be also interested in your product. I'm not
planning to use the zope3 translation yet, but I want to experiment a little


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