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Hello Zope community,

I just installed Zope-2.9.4 in a windows XP SP2 . I'm making a web site that the visitors should:

A) Upload a file to the server

B)After the file is uploaded , I have write a python program to encode the file

C)When the encoding is finish, user must download the file back to his machine.

I'm very new to Zope and I choose it because I thought it should have an easy and good communication with python. Since I have terminated the python program that does what I want, I have no idea how to accomplish the requests above.

A -> I know I will need external access to the file system, is there a product that can help me in that ?

LocalFS and ExtFile are a couple of options.

B -> my program works as I want like a python program , it will need any modification so I can use it in Zope ?

Look into External Methods

C -> I think I will need also some kind of progress indicator so the user can know when the encoding is done (some time takes more than a minute)

This may help:


. Any ideas how the user will download back the file? should the download begin automatically after the encoding ?

If your external method commits the transaction, a new zope object will be created. You could then do a response.redirect that causes the user's browser to access the new object.



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