Using ExtFile I just could have access to my file systems, how can I use it to upload a file from my website visitors pc ?

You use an html form to get the user to specify which file they want to upload from their pc. Your form handler routine will receive a File upload object, here's some info on this:

I just used this code to upload the file, but the file is uploaded in the Zope file system. If I want to use my python program for the encoding (or my python external method) , the file must be in my computer file system out of Zope right ?
C -> I think I will need also some kind of progress indicator so the user can know when the encoding is done (some time takes more than a minute)
This may help:
That's a solution but do you know something more GUI like a progress bar ?

Do a google search for:  zope progess indicator
Working on it...
. Any ideas how the user will download back the file? should the download begin automatically after the encoding ?
If your external method commits the transaction, a new zope object will be created. You could then do a response.redirect that causes the user's browser to access the new object.

My python program change the original file, it doesn't create another one after the encoding. Can I use the same Zope object or it doesn't work that way ?

If the changes have been committed to the zope object, then when the user accesses that object the user will see the changes (just make sure the cache control headers are set so that the original object does not get cached in the user's browser)

Can't follow you on this one clearly... I think if I can accomplish the previous tasks I should be able to do something with that.

Thank you Jonathan  ;-)

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