I am making a survey that has many very similar pages all in one directory.
The page templates are called page-1.html, page-2.html, ... page-n.html.

I am using two submit buttons on each of the pages; one for 'Next' and one for 'Previous' so that I catch changes to the form elements in each direction. I use a python script as index_html, and hit it on each submit (<form action=".">), and then redirect to the appropriate page, whether that page is current_page++ or current_page--. I also stuff all form variables into SESSION in the index_html python script.

What I am wondering though, is how to display the 'page' portion of the address - right now it always just displays as http://myzopesite.com/workingdirectory/

I would like it to display http://myzopesite.com/workingdirectory/page-1.html, http://myzopesite.com/workingdirectory/page-1.html, etc.

The pages are all accessible directly by those names, but by always going to index_html and returning the page via "return container[next_page](context, request)" I never see this part in the URL.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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