Alan wrote at 2006-9-12 18:26 +0100:
>I've been trying without success to pass from a form in ZPT to an
>external method an undefined list of parameters (*args).
>An example:
>def external_method(var_fix,*args):
>   return 'Vals',var_fix,args

This will not work.

"ZPublisher" must know the argument names to be able to pass values to
them -- for 2 reasons:

  1. HTTP uses named request parameters; there is no straighforward
     translation into a sequence of positional parameters.

  2. The request contains a lot of potentially relevant parameters (beside
     the content of "form", we also have "cookies" and "environ" and "self").
     Without the names, "ZPublisher" does not know which of them to
     pass (even when you function accepts arbitrary keyword parameters).

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