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Subject: [Zope] ZPT based on files in local filesystem folder

Hi List,

I've been googling, maybe LocalFS is a solution, but I would like to
listen a second (or more) opinion.

I would like to have a ZPT showing images and links for files that are
not within Zope filesystem, indeed they are in my local filesystem
(they are created by an Unix program btw).

So I am looking for something that may import my local folder and/or
the files inside to Zope space where a ZPT can work with.

For the moment, I would be more insterested in a external method or
similar rather than LocalFS or any other product that I have to
install in my zope server.

Any commentary or advice would be very welcome.

You could also look into ExtFile:


Its unclear what "hinges on the distinction" between your using localFS and some other external method or product (that returns a list of the files your users are interested in )

I imagine you need at least 2 external scripts:
a) one that returns a list of available/desireable local file system file names so you can manufacture (via python code --> zpt ) HTML links to them (eg <a href="..." onClick="someJavaScript(thatFiles_id) ..

b) one that returns (as called by (a)) the select item to the user's browser (http response.write i think)


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