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If you mean having zope commit a single transaction to multiple storages,
then 'vanilla' zope won't do it (Zope Corp has a commercial product called
ZRS which does this type of thing).

No, that's not true. ZRS is used to create hot read-only or stand-by
copies of a ZEO server (and all storages within such a server are

One ZEO server can deal with multiple storages just fine. Transactions
involving multiple storages commit just fine.

First off, does this make any sense? Is it worth pursuing?

I think so.

I would think, but do not know for sure, that transactions only
involving one storage should not delay transactions involving other

Secondly, I
assume that where an object is stored does not limit what other objects it
can access in a transaction (e.g. object A could add a property to object
B if they were in different storages) because all changes would occur in a
client. (this ties into the single transaction committing to multiple

You assume correctly.

Note that a stock Zope install already runs multiple storages; one for
Session data (tempstorage) and one for all other data.

Lastly, any thoughts on how we could split up our existing data.fs file?
One thought I had was to attempt to import/export data.

Either before or after upgrading to 2.9 (probably best after to take
advantage of the more robust ZODB), export and import.

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