Chris McDonough wrote:
> How does it not work?
I enter an URL which would render the index_html method as a "Network
Place" and all I get is an error message:

    "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose
> Webfolders doesn't allow setting permissions on folders or files on a
> share.  You'll need to do this through Zope's security interface via a
> browser.
I assumed as much... if I can find a "product" (or other pre-cooked
near-solution) for this then that would be great. :-)
> I suspect the situation is this: you will likely need a need a content
> management or a fat client or both if you want users to be able to
> manage security via a "normal" (nothing really normal about it, IMO,
> but...) Explorer window.
I don't absolutely need an "explorer window" - but a drag-n-drop
interface is desirable - and Windows it the most likely remote OS.
> Zope has a completely different security model than either UNIX or
> Windows, so something needs to map its notion of security to the
> client's.  Plain-old-webfolders won't help here.
Fair enough - though I will need to manage this aspect of the solution
> I wonder why you don't just use a Windows share here?  What does Zope
> give you that it wouldn't in this case?
There are several reasons I don't want to use a windows shared folder...

* I need to support access to the web-share through corporate
web-proxies which only allow HTTP/HTTPS access to the outside world.
* Access to the web-share should be supported even from non-MS platforms.
* No need to expose a Windows/SAMBA port to the internet at large
(including the myriad security issues that would incur.)
* Administration only necessary for users of the portal - no separate
system for users of the "web-drive".
* No need to install software on remote sites to access a private
virtual network.

I'm sure there are other advantages too...


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