Thank you Dieter, I will try it. 

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Pletli Antal wrote at 2006-9-22 08:51 +0200:
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>I have a demo user folder in my Zope project with two scripts. The 
>first script sends a tcp message to the background (with the help of 
>external module), the second one do something when the background call 
>it via url.

The problem is your setup.

I have to explain a bit that you can understand the problem.

  Zope's request processing has roughly two phases:
  URL traversal to locate the object identified by the URL
  and then calling the located object.

  At the end of URL traversal lies the user authentication.
  This proceeds as follows: Zope starts at the located
  object and looks upward (towards to root) to find
  a User Folder which is ready to authenticate the user
  with the required roles. It will ask each User Folder
  it finds above the object until one gives a positive answer.
  The highest user folder will always return a user, maybe
  the anonymous one.

If your User Folder calls out to a backend system and this backend
system calls back (via URL) into an area controlled by your User Folder,
then you lose -- as the User Folder will again call out and wait for an
answer before it will call the object...

Move the thing called back out of your hiararchy dominated by the
UserFolder. Then, you might have success.

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