Thanks for the reply Maciej. What happens is that Zope egg timers for an eternity - around 3-4 minutes then doesn't actually return a success page. However if I then refresh the site I see that a PloneExFile has been added. No good for training :-) I will try out the deadlock debugger. I have a couple of other sites running on the instance using the same ZODB and they are able to add PloneExFiles ok.

On 9/27/06, Maciej Wisniowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I'm getting this error on trying to add a new file to a Plone site.
In fact this message is just INFO not ERROR and usually it
may be safely ignored. Search archives for conflict errors (there
was a lot about this).
> 2006-09-26T19:25:52 INFO ZODB.Conflict database conflict error (oid
> 0x7b41, class Products.CMFPlone.Portal
> .PloneSite) at /VirtualHostBase/site/VirtualHostRoot/createObject (1
> conflicts, of which 0 were unresolved, since startup at Tue Sep 26
> 15:15:40 2006)
> Any ideas? What happens is that on adding the file Zope just egg
> timers for ages and this appears in the logs. In the end a new file is
> added but that's only after many many minutes etc
Don't know why it takes so long but you may install
DeadlockDebugger and try to track down
what happens with your Zope during adding this file.

Maciej Wisniowski

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