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I know it has been asked many times which os is best for zope, I have

Don't depend on packages. It is the safest way to use the source code
distributions. The sources code distro is recommended and supported. In case of packages you depend often on a single maintainer.

I was wondering... I'm an old AIX guy and I never pick up pre- compiled versions of software because the guy who compiles it often has choices and his choices are not what I want. So I just pick up and compile what I want/need. That practice has propagated over to Mac OS X where I do most of my "home" work now.

There's a fine line between the amount of work involved and what it is that you want to end up "supporting" because you're the one who built it.

I would never want to build for example my own Apache or Squid, I rely on distribution-provided packages myself. This guarantees I'll be up to date most of the time (bug fixes etc) and updates happen without much effort on my side with the distribution's own update mechanisms. But Zope, Python and any add-ons to these two I would never take from the distribution and always compile it myself because for those I am willing and able to take over "support" myself. Like you, for those specific packages I don't trust any packagers' choices.


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