On 10/3/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Einar Næss Jensen wrote at 2006-10-2 21:12 +0200:
>the full traceback and the error is this:
>2006-10-02 21:07:15 ERROR BeforeTraverse Error while invoking hook:
>Traceback (most recent call last):
>  File "/usr/local/zope/zope295/lib /python/ZPublisher/BeforeTraverse.py",
>line 145, in __call__
>    meth(*(container, request, None)[:args])
>AttributeError: __call__

Looks like a buggy "acl_users".

  Apparently, you have deleted one.

Yes. I guessed that somehow, the acl_users in the root object, had been deleted (or was missing). Why this happened I do not know. I do not think I did it myselfe ( I certanly do not have a memory of doing so).

  Deletion should have caused the uninstallation of its
  "BeforeTraverse" hook. But, for some reasons (a bug),
  this has not happend. That's the cause for the "ERROR".

Usually, apart from the ERROR log entry, nothing bad happens.

Alternatively, the "acl_users" could be "broken".
This might bring serious problems -- not easy to analyse.

Look into your logfile whether you find entries
"could not import ...".

2006-10-02T01:26:36 WARNING ZODB Could not import class 'PluggableAuthService' f                                            rom module ' Products.PluggableAuthService.PluggableAuthService'
2006-10-02T01:26:36 WARNING ZODB Could not import class 'PloneSite' from module                                             'Products.CMFPlone.Portal'
2006-10-02T01:26:36 WARNING ZODB Could not import class 'PlacelessTranslationSer                                            vice' from module 'Products.PlacelessTranslationService.PlacelessTranslationServ                                            ice'

To me, this is strange because I installed Plone, and added an instance and filled it with (some) content about one week before the crash

Also, from the Data.fs I can see that everytime I restart zope, PlacelessTranslationService is installing.

I thought maybe I could fix this by adding a new acl_users (presuming I had deleted the old one), but didnt quite find a way to do it.
So I just deleted all the entries concerning Plone in Data.fs, and now my zope works (without Plone, think I will create another instance for that)

Thanks to everyone who helped.

Einar Næss Jensen
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