Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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On 11 Oct 2006, at 17:14, michael nt milne wrote:

The windows builds will be available as soon as someone volunteer to care
about the Windows platform.


ignorant thinking. Most businesses use Windows and Zope will suffer unless it is embraced.

Who do you think you are insulting people who actually invest a lot of their spare time in the software and in the community? You being an annoying troll is helping no one, and it certainly won't get Windows builds done.

Haha, just add him to your email blacklist, saves a lot of trouble ;-)

For the record, the releases are not available because no-one is capable rather than motivated to produce them.

Having built a couple, Windows releases are a royal PITA even if everything goes smoothly...

Now Michael, unless you're prepared to build these releases yourself, I less than politely suggest you STFU...


PS: For the non-trolls on this list, I believe Sidnei da Silva is thinking about taking up this painful task... send him beer/love/money and he might be further persuaded...

PPS: We all might also like to thank Tim Peters for doing such a good job of building Windows releases in the past that no-one noticed the delay between the source and binary release...
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