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Peter Bengtsson wrote:
I'm trying to send an XML straight into Zope without specifying it as
a parameter and with a Content-Length. It seems that Zope's mapply
function or whatever it's called digests the raw http body and tries
to turn it into parameters?

Here's the code on the Zope server (uploadExpenseXML()):
def uploadExpenseXML(self):
   return str(self.REQUEST.form.keys())

Here's the dummy code that sends the XML into my Zope:

xml_content = open('validxmlfile.xml').read()
http = httplib.HTTP("localhost", 8080)
http.putrequest("POST", "/uploadExpenseXML")
http.putheader("User-Agent", "Simple")
http.putheader("Host", "localhost")
http.putheader("Content-Length", "%d" % len(xml_content))
reply, message, headers = http.getreply()
print http.getfile().read()

The result I get is:
['<?xml version']

If I debug the value of that single REQUEST.form variable, it starts
like this:
'"1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>\n<XMLExpense

Obviously, one solution would be to ask the XML sending company to not
post it like this but instead post it by parameter which I know will
But, what if I can't change their minds?

PS. When faced with the same problem a long time ago I ended up
writing a mod_python app running one a different port that converted
the http post from mod_python into a parameter based http post. I
don't want to have to do that again.

Stock Zope can only handle POST request with XML payloads if they
conform to the XMLRPC spec:  they must have the 'Content-type' header of
'text/xml', and the document must be encoded as an xmlrpc request.

If you can get the vendor to use a PUT request instead of a POST, you
could process the result inside a custom object'c 'PUT' method.
Otherwise, you are going to need to create a custom derivative of
ZPublisher.HTTPRequest, and override its 'processInputs' to handle the
vendor's non-standard dump.  You could make that server listen on a
different port, for instance (I'm guessing you can tell them what URL to
POST to, right?)

Cool. Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried to make them change the way they post it to me and if that's not possible I'll consider your advice about either PUT or digging into ZPublisher which I was hoping not to have to do.

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