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Hi Tino.  Yes, that is correct. This application has variables named


This also fails in a Page Template:

<span tal:define="standards python: request.SESSION">
  <tal:block define="temp python: data.set('AR-DA-08',AR-DA-

With the error:

Compilation failed
TAL.TALDefs.TALError: Python expression error:
invalid token (Python expression "data.set('AR-DA-08',AR-DA-08)",
line 1) in expression "python: data.set('AR

Yet this works:

<span tal:define="standards python: request.SESSION">
  <tal:block define="temp python: data.set('AR-DA-07',AR-DA-

So you are saying the interpreter is seeing the '-' as a minus? Why
would it work in one case and not the other?

Two possibilities that I can think of:

1) you have a variable called AR-DA-08 and do not have a variable called AR-DA-07

2) you have a variable called AR (and possibly another variable called DA), which when evaluated as a mathematical expression (AR minus DA - 08) provides a result, but when 07 is subtracted, an invalid result is obtained.

But, as others have noted, this does not appear to be what you are looking to accomplish!


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